A Curious Scientist on a Curious Journey

I love science. Why? Because it is all about finding answers to questions – all kinds of questions. If you have a question, chances are there is a scientist that is trying to answer it. I am more curious than the proverbial cat and this blog is really my story about discovering science, discovering myself, and hoping that all my curiosity leads me to a better end than that cat.

Who Writes this Stuff?

Group 202Dr. Brenna Brown

I have a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Alberta. As a graduate student I learned that I loved talking about chemistry and science, getting others as interested as I am. Enthusiasm is contagious! I previously wrote a blog called Chemistry is Awesome but I realised that I wanted share about so much more than chemistry. I want to share what I learn about living life as a curious scientist in a way that is engaging and accessible. Some posts may be about learning new discoveries in science; some may be about re-learning science basics; some might even be about the pitfalls of actually getting a job as a scientist.

Favourite science: organic chemistry

Favourite reaction: Fritch-Buttenberg-Weichell rearrangement

Favourite element: carbon

Favourite Nobel laureate: Marie Curie



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